About Less Bucks More Fizz

In 1985 Bucks Fizz signed a sponsorship deal with Sharp and in this blog I am trying to pull together all posters, photos etc. that relate to this as possible.

Big thanks have to go to the following for their help in collating these (apologies if I have forgotten anyone who has contributed, please make yourself known if I have missed you out!):

Mark (aka Splash) and  Paul (aka fizzyness) – many thanks fellas!
Also need to thank Rafael & Stefans Bucks Fizz Pictures (Raffem).

After a looong time I have finished editing and photoshopping them – it took a lot longer than I ever expected (there were quite a few sabbaticals in there though from when I started getting fed up with it and needed to ignore it for a while).

I think I have done pretty well at stitching together where they were in 2 halves, patching up the damaged areas and filling in the missing bits… I spent many hours touching up Cheryl, Shelley and Jay’s legs on the Rock Your Box pictures, both versions were supplied from magazines where they weren’t centrefold and were ripped out, so in each case there was about a 5-10 mm strip down the centre that was missing.

As far as I know this is a pretty complete collection, but…

if you know of/have examples of any missing ones do please get in touch!

I hope you’ll agree the wait was worth it 🙂

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