Home Entertainment

I have to admit my knowledge of these is a bit less, I assume they are from pamphlets produced to promote Sharp home entertainment systems.

Notice that there are two versions of some of the pictures, the alternative versions are from the Magical Tourbook!

I haven’t found any of these that feature Jay, my guess is that this part of the campaign was solely after she left the group.

Please get in touch if you have any more information on these!

Home Entertainment 1a

Home Entertainment 1b

In these ones, it looks like Shelley is brushing up on the Fizz back catalogue!

Home Entertainment 2a

Home Entertainment 2b

Obviously watching The Little & Large show!

Home Entertainment 3a

Home Entertainment 3b

There’s only one version of this picture!  Note the Greatest Hits LP on top of the pile!

Home Entertainment 4

And finally, this picture of Mike and Shelley – from the Not Quite Christmas ’86 Tourbook, but looks like it was definately part of a Sharp photoshoot… anyone know anything more about this shot?

Home Entertainment 5


7 Responses to “Home Entertainment”

  1. matt lenton Says:

    i have the Sharp catologue that these come from.

  2. I have these shots in the Sharp catologue & a few others from a later cat.

  3. I have this brochure. Jay isn’t featured at all.

  4. I have one copy of the home entertainment brochure, I also have an advert for the sharp competition somewhere and a rock your box mug.

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