In Car Entertainment

As part of the ongoing deal with Sharp, Bucks Fizz posed for an array of pictures to feature in the ‘In Car Entertainment’ pamphlets that were sent to stores and car dealerships who sold car stereos.

There were at least 2 different ones printed and I am sure there must have been more.  Unfortunately I do not have all of them, nor all of the contents but I am presenting here what I have managed to find so far.

If you have any of these pamphlets (or scans of them) please get in touch!

First up are two different covers:

In Car Entertainment 1
In Car Entertainment 2

And a slightly better version of the Bobby & Mike one (just the pic):

In Car Entertainment 5

Here is the inside of one of the pamphlets:

In Car Entertainment 3

And a better version of just the picture:

In Car Entertainment 4

Another shot of Bobby & Mike:

In Car Entertainment 6

And finally, the only shot from these sessions I have found that features Jay, this is the one used on the You & Your Heart So Blue EP:

In Car Entertainment 7


2 Responses to “In Car Entertainment”

  1. Great pics! I am sure there is an original version of this photo with Jay in the car. Shelley was later superimposed. You can see if you look carefully that she’s not actually sat in the car at all, but her image has been inserted afterwards.

    • Hi Stephen,

      Yes, I’m sure you’re right, hopefully someone who still has the original leaflets will be kind enough to provide scans. There is the one pic on here with Jay in the car and she must have been in others.

      Even at the time when these came out it was obvious that Shelley had been pasted in to the image!


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