Love The One You’re With

Love The One You’re With was released twice, the second version featured a slightly different version of the song and, more importantly for this site, a Sharp competiton!

Here are the front and rear covers:

Love The One You're With front

Love The One You're With rear


6 Responses to “Love The One You’re With”

  1. I won one of the 5 runner up prizes in this competition. I’ve still got the prize in the attic. Can’t bear to part with it!!

  2. Wow, that’s so fab!

    Did you get pictures with them?

    • Yes, I remember being so nervous waiting to be presented with my prize from Mike and Shelley. We had several photos taken officially by Sharp and were also able to take our own photos. Such a memorable day. I recall buying the LP “writing on the wall” and both Mike and Shelley signed the cover. I must dig out the photos from the loft!!

  3. Wow that sounds ace!

    Another winner emailed me, but he said he just got his in the post.

    Actually now I think about it, that was from the You & Your Heart So Blue competiton. Funny they didn’t do a presentation for that one.

    If you do dig the ics out it would be great to see them!

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