What Colour Noise You Want?

Originally I only remember seeing this version of the ad with Shelley:

What Colour Noise You Want (Shelley)

Ed Van Der Vliet kindly supplied this picture, with the main image being used on the side of a bus:

What Colour Noise You Want (Shelley) Bus

And another here courtesy of Martin Außem:

What Colour Noise You Want (Shelley) Bus (Martin Außem)

In later years came across this image:

And so, using the Shelley version, I mocked up how it would have looked with Jay too (I’m sure that a Jay version must have existed for the photo above to be available!):

What Colour Noise You Want (Jay Mockup)

If anyone does have an original of this with Jay, please get in touch!


4 Responses to “What Colour Noise You Want?”

  1. 99% certain I have both copies of this although I have a feeling I may (cringe) have cut round a photo to make a bookmark during one of my creative moments!!

    • Hey Charlotte,

      lol @ your creative moments… I used to do things like that too! Remember some singles would have only come in a plain sleeve? I used to make my own using Ads and lyrics pages from Look In, Smash Hits and No.1!!!

      If you have the proper Jay version, would be fab to see 😀

      Phil x

  2. I do have this poster which i got from one of ‘London Transports’ Ad firms. It’s a side poster for a ‘Routemaster’ bus, it’s been packed away in the loft for so long though that i don’t remember if it is the Jay or Shelly version.

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