You & Your Heart So Blue EP

You & Your Heart So Blue was released in June 1985.

As part of the ongoing deal with Sharp, a limited edition 7″ EP was released that featured a Sharp competition to win a Sharp FM-AM Stereo Cassette Player and a great picture from the promotional ‘In Car Stereo’ session pictures.



There was also a print ad for the single that showed the same picture and competition – unfortunately I only have a low resolution scan of this.

You & Your Heart So Blue (Sharp Competition)


6 Responses to “You & Your Heart So Blue EP”

  1. I won one of those SHARP personal stereos! One of my claims to fame! I remember it being so fab, the sound was sooo good. It ended up in Slovakia as my brother ‘borrowed’ it and kindly lost it. Happy days.

  2. No, no grand presentation, just a brown package in the post one morning. I remember playing ‘Big Deal’ on it over and over as the sound was so good. It was so hi-tech back then, like something out of Star Trek.

    • Cool, what was so high tech, do you remember? Or do you mean even just having a walkman?

      I remember when I got my first one… might have been Sharp but think it was Sony.. anyway, it was quite big and heavy, and if you ran while listening to it the music went all funny and wobbly!

  3. What was so hi tech about it? Well it had a graphic equalizer on the front lid( .. like WOW! this was mid 80s remember), and also it had like a dummy cassette which you would insert, then it became …. a RADIO! AND it was plummy red in colour, how hi tech do you want? LOL

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